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I’m so happy you found your way to my blog! I’m Mary Beth Fox. Hopefully, my blog allows you to begin exploring and healing your Not Good Enough Stuff.

Click here to gain a more in-depth explanation of Not Good Enough Stuff.

A short explanation of Not Good Enough Stuff is a compilation of all of your negative self-talk. You can’t begin healing anything until you are able to acknowledge it exists and have a willingness to explore it.

Mary Beth Fox and Finding True Happiness in Life

Finding true happiness in life is an accomplishment I achieved several years ago.

Maintaining that happiness has also been a huge achievement. For many years, I thought I’d never achieve happiness.

I had to learn who Mary Beth Fox truly was at the soul level. Now, I can very easily tell you who Mary Beth Fox is and love myself.

It took a ton of incredibly hard work, determination, and help from others doused in many moments of uncertainty. From that, I was able to begin healing a lot of my Not Good Enough Stuff.

As cliché and cheesy as it may sound, you too can begin healing your Not Good Enough Stuff. Finding true happiness in life is absolutely possible.

Mary Beth Fox and Being a Therapist

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. Please remember, as my disclaimer states on each page, that this blog is not related to my license as a counselor.

This blog is not therapeutic advice in any way and I recommend seeing a licensed therapist for anything that comes up for you as you read my blog posts.

Healing often goes much deeper with the guidance of a licensed therapist. To read my post 5 Steps for Finding a Good Therapist, click here. 

The Creation of this Blog

Now, back to the rest of the story. I’m proud of the work I did to get that license. Healing guidance I offer others is a result of that license.

However, I always felt one of my life purposes was to go beyond being a therapist. Writing a book, that I’ve yet to finish, was one idea.

Making videos on Facebook was enjoyable, but just wasn’t “it.” Explaining my views and “methods” to friends was fun, but still wasn’t “it.”

Still my soul wasn’t lit up as I knew it could be. My soul was begging to be set on fire!

Reaching people across the world was what I wanted to do. Self-doubt creeped in many times.

Negative Voices from Others

As a result, I listened to the negative voices from others. Still today, I can hear one of those voices. “What do you have to write about?” “Why would people want to read about you or what you think?”

Thankfully, I was able to remove that negative voice. My identification of that voice led me to somebody who was very close to me at the time.

I then recognized that I had taken on that voice as my own. Now, I realize that was never the voice of my soul.

I learned to see that I am important and that what I have to say is not only important, but that others could greatly benefit from it and help others begin their healing process.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

I could’ve taken many different paths. However, the paths I considered just didn’t feel right.

No matter what, I knew my path was helping others with healing, but I didn’t know how I wanted to go about that in a different way.

So, one day I was playing with my baby and thinking about how proud I am of my healing so much emotional and generational trauma.

I married at thirty-six and had my precious baby boy at thirty-seven. My own family is something I always wanted.

However, I had a lot of healing to do before I put my Not Good Enough Stuff on a partner or a child. Gratitude for my healing work shows up for me every single day.

So, right in that moment of pride for myself and pride for the beautiful, happy baby boy my husband and I created, my soul was set on fire!

This revelation ignited the now burning fire inside my soul. Shouts from my soul said, “create a blog!” My being a therapist was going to help me tremendously with the creation of the blog.

The next day, I started the process of creating a blog. Honestly, I’d never even subscribed to a blog and knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about blogs.

Mary Beth Fox and Toxic Behaviors

Throughout my life, I was always trying to prove to others that I was good enough. Often the belief that I wasn’t good enough was subconscious.

My toxic behaviors were driven by that. If there was a way to self-sabotage, I probably tried it. Proof that somebody believed I was worth a damn was my mission.

As a child, I often heard a lot of implicit and explicit messages from many different places. Messages came from family members, society, religion, media and many others.

Mary Beth Fox and Her Childhood

Now, if you ask people with whom I grew up, they would be shocked at hearing I had any Not Good Enough Stuff whatsoever. I became a pro at masking my Not Good Enough Stuff, even to family and friends.

It’s interesting now for me to interact with people who thought they knew me well or knew the “me” I showed the world.

Most would have said that I was a happy, extroverted girl who loved being “seen” in grand ways.

I was the lead in plays, sang at church, did some commercials and lots of other things that led me and others to believe I was extroverted and happy.

Enjoyment was definitely a part of those things. However, deep down I also know my enjoyment merely came from getting the attention I lacked and needed as a child.

There are many memories of sitting in my room and being severely depressed at a very young age. Society and many other people taught me that you weren’t supposed to show that.

You should just make yourself be thankful for what you have and be happy.

Now, I see how much damage that mentality actually caused me and causes many others. It creates a huge need for healing that many never get.

This began shifting for me in my late 20s. I started going to therapy and realized that I am actually quite introverted.

Being “on the go” all the time drains me as does being the center of attention. My preference is to stay home with my family for the most part, with occasional outings here and there.

Spending all day with one or two people having deep discussions about life is my cup of tea, as opposed to going to social events.

Everybody Needs Therapy and Healing

So, what brought a change that for many people was considered drastic? I was in a terrible wreck.

I survived incredible odds and an injury from which many people have sadly died. For those who do survive, they are often paralyzed from the neck down.

If any of you are in the medical field, my main injury was subluxation of C1 and C2, also known as the “Hangman’s Death.”

That was the hardest and darkest time in my life and for that I am thankful. It allowed me to see how absolutely miserable I was with the life I was living.

I spent months sitting in a chair because walking was difficult. Immense physical and emotional pain dominated my life.

I spent plenty of time dealing with self-pity. At some point, I realized that I now had an opportunity to completely change my life.

If I didn’t, I might not survive the next message from the Universe screaming that I needed to make a change. Therapy was my next step. Kissing my comfort zone goodbye was incredibly difficult, but had to be done.

At the time of my wreck, I was living in my hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi. So, I decided to pick up and move to Dallas, Texas.

That was a huge change for me. Moving allowed me to start exploring who I truly was and not who I was “supposed” to be.

Never Say Never

Now, fast-forward several years and I am back in Mississippi. So many times I said I would NEVER move back to Mississippi because my views did not align with the majority of people here.

My beliefs still do not align. That is quite true. Actually, it’s one of the reasons I consciously chose to move back to my home state.

I had finished graduate school to be a therapist, plus other trainings for different types of therapy and holistic ways of living while I was in graduate school. Then, I had a very good grasp of who I am for the first time in my life.

Yes, my views are still DRASTICALLY different from the average Mississippian! So, why did I return?

My soul knew I had a lot to offer the area. Most of the things I did as a therapist were not being done where I live now.

Gratitude continues to be present for my work healing my Not Good Enough Stuff and listening to my soul. Now, I can now say that I am absolutely in love with the life I worked so hard to create.

Aiming high, my hope with beginning this blog is that I am able to help others move past their Not Good Enough Stuff as I did.

My soul is warmed knowing I have the ability to help the healing of others with the same things we all deal with. Healing is always possible, no matter what you have experienced.

Not Good Enough Stuff doesn’t care what color you are, how much money you make, who your family is or is not, your education level or any of the other unimportant garbage!


What makes you different from everybody else? You may be willing to acknowledge yours or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

As I mentioned at the beginning, if you can’t acknowledge it, then there’s no way you can work towards healing it.

So, hopefully that gives you a good idea of why I started this blog and what is possible for you in healing your Not Good Enough Stuff.

Healing: “Follow your soul. It knows the way.” Anonymous


This site is only intended for people who are truly willing to look at themselves with an open mind and have the ability to truly be vulnerable with themselves and others. Please understand that this site is in NO WAY THERAPEUTIC ADVICE. However, this site can be very beneficial in learning the causes of your Not Good Enough Stuff. This site is not intended to provide or replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Mary Beth HIGHLY RECOMMENDS finding a licensed therapist to help you process the information from this site and all that you learn about yourself. Visit Psychology Today to find a licensed therapist in your area.

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So pleased to read you did the necessary healing work with the support of a therapist and are now able to reach out to others, became a mum and have a lovely supportive partner too. Love your red hair and striking green eyes Mary Beth, they are unique features you have. All the best with your continuing journey 😌