How to cleanse your space

How to Cleanse Your Space (5 Steps for Clearing Energy Blocks)

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Knowing how to cleanse your space is an important part of conscious healing. Every home has negative energy that needs to be cleared. Not only that, but that negative energy is affecting you more than you probably realize.

Our homes are supposed to be calm and welcoming for us, but they don’t just come that way. If you don’t know how to cleanse your space, then your home is definitely not giving you what you deserve.

You’ve probably been to somebody’s home where you just didn’t feel comfortable. Something just felt really off, but you couldn’t put your finger on exactly what was “wrong” with the home.

Well, you were right about not being able to put your finger on it because energy isn’t really a tangible thing that you can physically touch, but you sure can feel it in your body and soul.

Think about a time when you’ve left a place that just felt “off” or negative. You probably felt like you needed to just shake that place off of you when you left.

You’re exactly right. It was negative energy that your body was begging you to “shake off.” Here’s the kicker. You have some of that negative energy in your own home if you don’t know how to cleanse your space.

How to Cleanse Your Space Process

Don’t freak out or stop reading because this sounds too crazy for you or because you think you don’t have time or energy to learn how to cleanse your space. Once you learn how to do it and do one big ‘ol energy clearing, you’ll be able to do it quickly the next time it’s needed.

Before I tell you how to cleanse your space, I want you to understand why you should do it in the first place. Some of the reasons are obvious if you think about it, but not all.

Your home is where you spend a lot of your time. Don’t you want your home to be a place that is positive and that feels good for you to be in? Of course, you do!

Energy in Your Home

Also, the condition of your home is a reflection of you. If you don’t believe that, ask anybody who has ever dealt with anxiety or depression. A person with either of those will quickly tell you that the state of his or her home will show you how he or she is feeling emotionally.

If somebody is depressed, you will be able to see that. I know when I was depressed, my home was screaming that I was depressed to anybody who stepped foot in it. There were piles of laundry all over the place, along with dirty dishes over-flowing in the sink, and dust so visible that somebody with terrible vision would have been able to see.

Often, when somebody has anxiety, the home may look like he or she spends twenty-four hours a day cleaning or has a live-in maid. Now, if somebody has depression and anxiety, his or her home may be a mix of the two. I’m not going into detail about this because that’s a post for another day.

Clearing Energy Blocks in Your Home

Another reason you should learn how to cleanse your space is that you are sleeping in negative energy. When we sleep, that is an opportunity for our bodies and minds to heal and get the rest we need for the next day.

Sleeping in negative energy puts you at a disadvantage every day before your feet even hit the floor for the day. No wonder insomnia is so prevalent in our society!

There are so many reasons for you to learn how to cleanse your space, but I’ll give you just one more. When there is negative energy in your house, you are wearing that negative energy all day long. That could be one of the reasons that you attract negative people and negative experiences no matter how positive you try to be.

So, learning how to cleanse your space is a part of conscious healing that involves physical and emotional work. I’m a psychotherapist.

So obviously, I believe in conscious healing but we’re going to take conscious healing right on into your home. As a side note, if you want to find a therapist to guide you through your conscious healing, click here to read my post 5 Steps for Finding a Good Therapist.

I promised I would guide you on how to cleanse your space. So, I’ll keep that promise now that you know some of the reasons you need to learn how to do that.

5 Easy Steps to Learn How to Cleanse Your Space:

  1. Start with one room at a time. Choose the room you spend the most time in or the room where you feel the most negative energy.
  2. Set an intention for what you are wanting to change or create for that room. Write it down.
  3. Purchase some sage to burn that will help you clean the negative energy. Click here for a wonderful package deal on a Ritual Cleansing Kit.
  4. Open all of the windows and turn on any faucets in the room, until the energy is cleared.
  5. Let your intuition guide you with what area to begin cleansing and follow your intuition throughout the room until all areas have been cleansed.

Starting the Process

Before you decided you’re going to do your entire home at once, settle down. There is no extra credit for doing it all at one time. Also, you want your energy to remain positive throughout the entire process of this conscious healing exercise.

It’s hard to maintain the energy you need for clearing energy blocks in a space. If your Type A personality is just screaming at you to do it all at one time, please allow yourself to rest between clearing energy blocks in each room!

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I have got to get all of this negative energy out of my home now,” slow down. You’ve been living with it for a long time. Trust me when I say that you’ll be okay to do it at a slower pace.

Don’t think too hard on Number Two. Setting an intention is not a hard thing to do. You don’t have to sit in meditation for an hour to come up with a perfect intention. Just ask yourself, “What do I want do, remove, or create in this room.”

Examples of Intentions When Learning How to Cleanse Your Space:

• To release negative energy to make room for positive energy.

• To remove John or Jane Doe’s energy from this room.

• To create a calm, healing room.

Sage and the Best Spirituality Shop

Are you wondering what sage is that I mentioned in Step Three? It’s a wonderful herb that Native Americans and other indigenous people have used for hundreds of years. It is known for helping cleanse people and places from negative energy.

I recommend purchasing your sage from House of Intuition. It is an incredible spirituality shop. They have an amazing Ritual Cleansing Kit that will help you with cleansing your space.

There are tons of articles written about how to cleanse your space by burning sage. You’re welcome to go on over to Google to read those.

However, I’ve never really been one to follow what somebody tells me to do. So, use my steps as a “guide” AND trust your own intuition as well.

Let Intuition Guide You

Intuition is what I use to lead me to the way I burn sage in my home or office. I simply go to where I feel the most negative energy is and move from there to the rest of the room. Just do what feels right for you.

When I sage a room, I often find that there is one, sometimes more, area that needs a lot more attention. The smoke from the sage will let you know what area or areas those are. The smoke will get thicker the more negative energy there is in a certain area.

So, stay in that area until the smoke thins out. I usually go back to this area when I’ve done the rest of the room to make sure I cleared as much negative energy as I could.

Just let the thickness of the smoke guide you on what to do. You want the smoke to get thinner and that is how you know the negative energy is decreasing.

Alternative to Burning Sage

Now, there are times and places where you can’t burn sage. As I type this, I think back to the very first office I had as a psychotherapist. I’m giggling as I type this because my landlord was a very old-fashioned, older man.

I had a patient who seemed to have bathed himself in negative energy. I wanted to clear that negative energy for myself and my next patient. So, I got my sage out and started burning it.

As soon as I was done with my sage burning, also known as smudging, my landlord stopped by. He had this look of panic on his face. I don’t think he really understood the kind of work I do and he sure as hell would’ve never imagined he’d walk in my office with the smell of something like burning sage being present.

My guess is that he thought I had been smoking something. I just acted like normal and he never asked what I had been burning or doing! So, I do have a solution for those of you who need to clear negative energy but aren’t able to burn sage.

The spirituality shop, House of Intuition, I mentioned earlier is where you can find my solution! They have an amazing Sage Organic Spray and it’s only $10.

Also, just check out their other products. I have found them to be one of the best spirituality shops I’ve found. Not all spirituality shops are equal, but their products are very high quality.

Sage and Assault Don’t Go Together

Now, back to the sage spray! I advise always keeping this handy and maybe even get a few bottles of it. Everybody I know has needed to clear negative energy at their job at some point. Get one for your office.

Also, keep one at home because you might not have time to burn sage every time you feel negative energy or have somebody with negative energy in your home. You can also use this to spray on yourself if you feel that you have taken on somebody else’s negative energy.

Please do not go around spraying people who have negative energy though. First of all, you will run out of money doing that because there is an abundance of negative energy out there.

Secondly, I’m betting that spraying somebody with sage who did not give you permission, could possibly be considered assault. I’m sure my attorney husband can comment on that when he edits this post for me.

Conscious Healing

Learning how to cleanse energy in your space is simply clearing energy blocks that are preventing positive energy from entering. There’s also another HUGE benefit to following this process!

As I mentioned earlier, this process is a conscious healing process. For those of you who’ve read my other posts, you know I talk a lot about the importance of self-care. If you don’t know why self-care is important, click here to read my post What is Self-Care.

The process of learning How to Cleanse Your Space is self-care in and of itself. Also, the outcome is without a doubt something that helps you better take care of yourself. So, if you’re currently in therapy and you do this process, you can let your therapist know that you took time for self-care!

My process simply shows you how to protect your energy and your home when negative energy is present. If you want to learn more about how to protect your energy, read my post 5 Steps for Protecting Your Energy (Energy Reading).

How to Protect Your Energy

Once you have cleansed your home of negative energy, you’ll want to be more cautious of the energy in it. That post will teach you how to understand the energy you are experiencing from others and what to do with it.

Now, for those of you who are skeptics about negative energy or anything about this process, I encourage you just to try it. If you don’t notice anything different afterwards, or more so refuse to acknowledge the difference you feel, then all you lost was a little bit of time.

Also, understand that not everybody will understand what you are doing or why you are doing it. So, don’t waste your time telling others about it when you know they aren’t open to it.

Again, don’t spray them with the sage spray either! I just want to make sure I’m not blamed for a sage-spraying attack!

My Saging Practice

My husband lovingly and with laughter calls me a “witch” because of these kinds of practices and a few other things I might share in another post one day. When he says it, I just giggle because it’s funny to me. I can remember when we were preparing to move into a house we bought, and I told him I had to go sage the house before we moved any of our furniture in.

I did the same thing when I bought a building for my office. I don’t know what took place in our house or my building prior to me buying, but both had some incredibly negative energy. I could feel the difference in both afterwards.

Again, for you skeptics out there, just try it. Also, if you need research to back any of this up, you can easily find research explaining the positive neural and physiological effects. Don’t believe me though. Research it for yourself.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this process or you do it, I want to know! Leave a comment and I’ll respond back to you. As always, sharing your comments on this post is a great way for you to connect to the Not Good Enough Stuff Community where we all are kind and supportive of one another!

Products I recommend for Cleansing Your Home:

Ritual Cleansing Kit that Includes sage and everything you need to burn sage.

Organic Sage Spray: Click the link and type Organic Sage Spray to find it.

Also, just check out the House of Intuition and all of their amazing products!!!


This site is only intended for people who are truly willing to look at themselves with an open mind and have the ability to truly be vulnerable with themselves and others. Please understand that this site is in NO WAY THERAPEUTIC ADVICE. However, this site can be very beneficial in learning the causes of your Not Good Enough Stuff. This site is not intended to provide or replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Mary Beth HIGHLY RECOMMENDS finding a licensed therapist to help you process the information from this site and all that you learn about yourself. Visit Psychology Today to find a licensed therapist in your area.

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