Asking for Attention

Asking for Attention (Parents Determined Conditions of Worth)

Asking for attention is something that our entire world seems to be doing right now. We have a deep need to be seen and that need is not being met in a healthy way Before you start thinking this post isn’t for you because you aren’t asking for attention from anybody or you think that you don’t need or want …

Intuitive Empath

4 Steps to Intuitive Emapth (No Toxic Empathy)

Do you consider yourself an intuitive empath? Does it feel like you are able to predict the needs of others? Are you always available to others because you believe you know what they need and you want to meet those needs? If you answered yes to these questions, then I want to explore where those “gifts” might have come from. …

Boundaries for Family Holidays

Boundaries for Family Holidays

Family holidays should be enjoyable, but often are not. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and see that you can also enjoy a holiday without family.